About Rudralife

Rudralife, established in 2001, is a pioneer organization engaged in promoting and creating awareness amongst the masses on Rudraksha. Rudralife is the most talked about organization in print and electronic media. Apart from being world’s leading organization and an authority on Rudraksha, Rudralife also has four registered trade-marked products to its credit. It provides genuine and high quality Rudraksha beads which have been tested in and certified by an independent ISO 9001: 2015 accredited laboratory.

Rudralife is the only organization which is regularly involved in scientific research on this age old spiritual healing bead. It adopts expert strategy of recommending Rudraksha to wear, which has resulted in innumerable testimonials till date. Rudraksha recommended by Rudralife are being worn by eminent professionals, businessmen, industrialists, sports-persons, actors, politicians and spiritual personalities with excellent results. All of them have heartily appreciated Rudralife's unique strategy of recommending the Rudraksha combinations based on individual approach. In fact, people at large – ranging from common man to personalities and celebrities have benefited from the accurate analysis and right combinations of Rudrakshas recommended by Rudralife.

Rudralife has sponsored seven researches on medicinal properties of Rudraksha beads. It has been a continuous endeavor of Rudralife to promote and share the results of such research for the general benefit of mankind. Furthermore, Rudralife has conducted more than 750 exhibitions across India and abroad and is educating the people on the merits, benefits and healing and medicinal properties of Rudraksha. These exhibitions have been providing a single platform for the people to gain knowledge and valuable insight into the multi-dimensional benefits of this wonder-bead. Rudralife also propagates the writings in relevant scriptures regarding the properties and benefits of Rudraksha.

Rudralife is the caretaker of Rudraksha trees in Trimbakeshwar and Kerala.


  • Our aim is to make people aware of the genuine Rudraksha bead.
  • To take utmost care in maintaining the quality and sanctity of the bead.
  • To promote further research and analysis on Rudraksha, so that the results obtain may be used for the benefit of all kinds.
  • To educate people on Rudraksha so that they can use them to heal and empower themselves according to the knowledge presented in our religious texts and new scientific research.


Shri Tanay Seetha, founder of Rudralife, firmly believes that his mission to promote Rudraksha for the benefit of all was a Divine intervention and his destiny.

Born in an astute Brahmin family having devotion to Lord Shiva and Lord Ram, Shri Tanay Seetha inherited the fascination for Rudraksha by virtue of his lineage. Since an early age he was intrigued and fascinated by ancient India.

Shri Tanay’s first-hand experience on Rudraksha was when he started wearing them at a young age and experienced their magical results.

A graduate in Electrical Engineering, he has worked in Indian and Multinational companies in Indonesia for six years before returning to India and venturing into the business of textile trading and plastic manufacturing.

All this while his hobby of collecting different varieties of Rudraksha and experiencing their results continued and the result was a compilation of various facts/testing methods and scriptural interpretations which led him to start on the mission of educating people on the benefits and merits of Rudraksha under the banner of Rudralife which he founded in 2001.

Interaction with various astrologers/Yajurveda Pundits and his by birth predictive intuitive capability, led him to devise a unique strategy to recommend Rudraksha which over the years has immensely benefitted thousands of people worldwide.

Several personalities from the field of politics, business, art and other areas admire Shri Tanay Seetha as a Rudraksha expert and especially for his astro-numerology, which is unique in the field.

Shri Tanay Seetha has a well-trained like-minded panel of experts who assist him in continuing his mission of unravelling the mystic Rudraksha.



Rudralife has been awarded as “TIMES RETAIL ICON – 2016” in the category of Rudraksha Therapy in the grand function that was organized at Hotel Sofitel, Bandra-Kurla Complex, Mumbai. This undisputed recognition was conferred upon Rudralife for its contribution in popularizing this wonder bead - Rudraksha, among the masses and making them aware of the divine as well as medicinal properties that Rudraksha holds. The unique style based on Astro-Numerology employed by Rudralife in recommending the Rudraksha was also applauded and appreciated.

The journey of Rudralife since 2001 was not without its twists and turns, but Rudralife emerged brightly out of it all and today holds a prestigious edge and pioneering position in the field of Rudraksha Therapy. Rudralife has developed 4 registered trade-marked products and various power combinations for the benefit of mankind.

All these achievements would not have been possible without the undeterred trust of our esteemed customers. Rudralife wishes to appreciate their unparalled faith and devotion to Lord Shiva and assure them that Rudralife will continue to provide exclusive, rare and genuine Rudraksha.


Having a transpicious and professional work culture, Rudralife offers a free Recommendation cum advisory services to its clients through qualified and Experienced Panel Experts. After discussing with the clients about their needs, Consultation is offered for wearing specific mystical bead or a set of combination.


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