Rudraksha wearing is a matter of faith and belief. All information provided are based on the scriptures, published books and individual experiences. Rudralife assures the physical quality of the beads and not about the effects. Wearer's discretion is advised.

Privacy Policy

Rudralife.com is an online e-commerce designed to provide an easy way for our Customers to shop online. Rudralife creates its own unique data using our predetermined form. In which Name, Location, Date of birth, Place of birth, Profession, email ids are required information to become a member of Rudralife. Rudralife website store the information of Credit card once the member transact on rudralife.com. None of the information we gather can be used by the public, except employees of Rudralife. We use other third parties to provide logistics and payment processing on our site. When a member transacts or places an order online, we share the Credit card details with the third party payment gateway and shipping address with the logistics provider as it is necessary for order fulfillment. These third parties are prohibited from using member's personal details for any other purpose.

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Rudralife reserve the rights to modify this privacy statement at any time. Any changes would be notified and changes would be communicated whenever/wherever it is necessary.

Terms & Conditions

Rudralife make sure that we provide accurate information for all our products, for example pictures, specifications and description etc. Even though there is a chance of human error. It is a humble request to our customer If they notice any information that is incorrect, please feel free to contact us at info@rudralife.com

In some cases, especially for products like Malas, Rudrakha beads, capping of the bead, thread, chain, other spiritual products and the like, the actual product may little different  from the picture shown with the real product. If for any reason our customers think that the difference is not acceptable, please feel free to return the product. For refund please read our return policy.
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Return, Refund & Cancellation policy

Rudralife is a customer centric organization. Rudralife do not intend to misguide their Customers in any way. However if members face any dissatisfaction after the purchase of the goods, it can be returned to us within 10 days of receipt. Claims of missing or damaged item during transit must be received within 5 working day of receipt of merchandise. Return, refund and cancellation of a particular item depends on case to case basis and the decision related to the product would depend entirely at the sole discretion of Rudralife.

Delivery Policy

All items purchased from rudralife.com are shipped within 2-3 days of purchase via Fedex or Blue Dart. The shipping charges are added to the cart before checkout to the third party link of payment gateway. The delivery time is within 7 days across the world.

The above disclaimers are subject to change at the sole discretion of the organization. For any information please write to us at info@rudralife.com

General Company Policies

In Rudralife all Rudraksha beads would be capped in German silver, gold or silver metal. Rudralife is not responsible if any person suffers from any kind of skin allergies/ skin rash or any kind of physical ailments caused while wearing Rudraksha.
Though Research have proved a number of health benefits, Rudralife is not responsible for curing diseases. It is an alternative therapy which can / cannot be continued with / without medication.

The use of Water therapy may / may not cause irritation or any kind of physical ailments. Rudralife is not responsible for it.

The Indonesian small beads mala, is sometime stained with artificial colours which are directly procured by the suppliers and it may /may not stain the clothes. However the colour does not affect the quality of the bead.

Rudralife gives guarantee for the product, but not liable for the effect.