Rudraksha Rosaries

What ancient epic says:

All type of mantras and japa can be done with rudraksha mala.

The digits of 108 have the following meaning: '1' represents the supreme consciousness; '8' represents the eight aspects of nature consisting of the five fundamental elements of earth, water, fire, air and ether, plus ahamkara (individuality), manas (mind) and buddhi (sense of intuitional perception); '0' represents the cosmos, the entire field of creation. To put it another way: '0' is Shiva, '8' is Shakti and '1' is their union or yoga.
There are some scholars who believe that the number 108 represents the number of skulls on the garland worn by Kali, the goddess of destruction. It is said to symbolize the 108 reincarnations of the jiva (the individual consciousness) after which an individual will become self-realized.


Rudraksha mala of 108+1, 54+1 or 27+1 number of beads is auspicious. Size of beads varies from 5 mm to 10mm. Mala may be made in gold/silver or thread depending on suitability. The practice of chanting a mantra is used as a form of meditation. Sitting in a comfortable position, with the eyes closed, the mantra is repeated silently or aloud. The mind is focused on the mantra, the thoughts are let go of and the breath is slow and deep. Hold your mala in your right hand (in India the left hand is considered impure) and use your thumb to “count” each mantra by touching the bead during the recitation and then lightly pulling the bead towards you on completion and moving to the next bead. The index finger is extended and should not touch the mala. The large meru (mountain) bead should not be counted or touched by the thumb and is used as a starting and ending point of the recitation.

Rudraksha Rosaries which are most commonly used are of Java/Indonesian beads only as they are found in plenty and also are more convenient as they are smaller in size. Rudralife ensures that all Rosaries are well knotted and of high quality to ensure maximum effects. As in Java beads too, there are various mukhis, Rosaries from 2 Mukhi till 8 Mukhi are commonly available out of which due to sufficient availability 5 Mukhi ones are mostly used for Japas.

Product Name Image Description Count
5 mukhi mala

For blood circulation, peace of mind and japas of all Gods and Goddeses. Available from 4 mm diameter till 10 mm diameter.

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