Activities in the month of Shravan

Writen By: Rudra Life Posted on Sep 22 ,2016
Activities in the month of Shravan

Of all the months in the Hindu calendar the month of Shravan is considered the most auspicious.

During the entire month of Shravan devotes observe austerity, fasts and offer special prayers to Lord Shiva, the Neelkantha. With this spirit of Austerity in mind Rudralife observed the month of Shravan with special prayers and offerings. Every day  from 19th July 2016 to the 1st September 2016 , which coincided with the observance of Shravan in North and South  India, Rudrabhishekam was  performed  at our premises in Mumbai. All staff members and especially their families were a part of the rituals performed on the six Mondays (Somvara) during this period. All participated in the rituals with devotion to attain a state of purity and piety.

In the spirit of” Bahujan Hitaya , Bahujan Sukhaya “ we organized  exhibition cum sale of Rudraksha , which is an integral part of offerings to Lord Shiva in this holy month. This was held simultaneously at the Shree Mukhteshwar Devalaya, Juhu and at our permanent premises at Andheri west. Thousands of devotees enthusiastically participated in these events and were blessed by Lord Shiva through the Rudraksha acquired by them .  

All through the holy month Rudrabhishekham was performed at the Parli Vaijnath Jyotirlinga at the hands of Pandit  Somnath Madhukar , a priest at the Temple . This deity of all the 12 Jyotirlinga is especially renowned for eradicating sin and Suffering and blessing devotees with good health and well-being. 3 mukhi and 5 mukhi  Rudraksha are part of the “Swasthya Bandh  “ a combination designed to provide good health and well-being along-with relief from stress/anxiety and complexes. Rudralife made an offering of 2000 rudraksha each of 3 mukhi and 5 mukhi to Lord Shiva at the Parli Vaijnath temple  and these were  distributed to devotees who offered  pujas at this Jyotirlinga . This would surely have helped them to get rid of their sufferings and and be blessed with good health and well being

 Thus for all of us at Rudralife , the month of Shravan was a period for observing Austerity , Piety and helping people in attaining spiritual well-being 

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