Writen By: Rudra Life Posted on Oct 26 ,2015
In recent times, like many other commodities, prices of the higher mukhi Rudraksha (8 mukhi upto 21 mukhi) have shot up, rather abnormally. Pricing of Rudraksha is not controlled by any apex organization and is by and large governed by demand and supply that prevails in the market. Large quantities of these beads are imported into India from Nepal or Indonesia.

Rudralife, being the market leader in the field has tried to analyze various probable factors responsible for this sharp rise as it is affecting common people as well as the rich. Surprisingly it is the rich who now have to shell out more to buy exotic higher mukhi Rudraksha.

What are higher mukhi Rudraksha? A mukhi is a facet or groove over the body of Rudraksha, formed naturally. Over 95% of the entire production of the Rudraksha is of 4, 5 and 6 mukhis (mostly 5 mukhis) only. Rudraksha beyond 8 mukhi comes in the category of “higher mukhi” Rudraksha, although 2 and 3 mukhi also come under this rare category. Our ancient scriptures narrate great virtues of these rare Rudraksha and our recent experience also shows that some of these higher mukhi Rudraksha change lives and empower people with internal energies, self-confidence and offer protection of all kinds. A Rudraksha like 12 mukhi is considered good for health and 19 mukhi is considered to offer protection against negative forces and enemies. Some of the families who have acquired a Siddha Mala (present cost over Rs. 3 lacs) or Indra Mala (present cost is above Rs. 3 Crores) were lucky to have got these super power packed malas at lower prices. A 14 mukhi Rudraksha which used to cost less than Rs. 20000 about 5 years back is now available at not less than Rs. 1 lac! (Of course we are referring only to pure and high quality beads of the current season and not pointing to old inventories). 8 mukhi Rudraksha which was available at less than Rs. 3000 is now available at around Rs. 10 – 12, 000 per bead.

A Siddha Mala consisting of collector grade Rudraksha (consisting of 1 to 14 mukhi, Ganesh, and Gaurishankar Rudraksha) which costs now Rs. 3 lacs plus is a very successful combination and there are several testimonials available with Rudralife for its efficacy.

Among various factors for price rise is new demand coming up from overseas market particularly USA, UK, Germany and South Africa along with the sudden spurt of demand from China and great upsurge in local demand in India. This coupled with static (rather declining) production of Rudraksha in Nepal are some of the reasons for this price rise.

Rudralife who have made many successful combinations and have organized over 650 exhibitions worldwide, are showcasing these rare and divine collection for the benefit of people. You are assured of 100% purity and high quality which you deserve.

Rudralife strongly believes that if a customer is paying for these expensive but exotic beads of power and is not settling for low quality (and low priced fake beads), then the customer must get the best.

Rudralife is organizing an Exhibition of Rudraksha ……..

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