Is Success such a desirable thing?

Writen By: Rudra Life Posted on Sep 28 ,2016
Is Success such a desirable thing?

In the present times which are typically noted for its intense rat-race, there is hardly anybody who is not desirous of success. Be it a child going to school, or a young person on the threshold of a promising career, or a person into a high earning career; the common thread to all these people is the intense desire for success.

But despite all the excellent achievements, the majority of people remain largely unhappy and restless. What could be the prime reason for this restlessness and the resultant unhappiness? The primary reason for this is the general perception of success that many nurse in them. Success is often defined in terms of what other people think of success, like a big house, a car, fancy holidays etc. Without even realizing, many are just pursuing what others have achieved. And this unending race to catch up with the others leads to all the unhappiness that people live with.

A major portion of the early and the middle life is spent in pursuing two main activities. They are Gathering (the process of accumulating all the material gains) and Scattering (when the awareness of one’s short-comings become evident). What is lacking in all the success that one gains is the idea of Fulfillment.

Fulfillment is the achievement of each individual’s desires that they are born with. This usually is unique to each individual and will lead a person to a state of peace, happiness and ever-lasting joy. This may not necessarily be material gains, but will be according each person’s perception of their life-goals. One very important thing that all can remember is that “All success doesn’t lead to fulfillment, but all fulfillment will lead to lasting success.” And the realization of the difference between success and fulfillment will open the path to achieving ever-lasting happiness. 

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