Medicinal Herbs: Pippali - Piper Longum

Writen By: Rudra Life Posted on Oct 27 ,2016
Medicinal Herbs: Pippali - Piper Longum

Pippali or Indian Long Pepper is indigenous to Northeast and Southern India and Sri Lanka. It is a part and parcel of Ayurveda as well as a household remedy used for cough, cold and fever.

It is a powerful stimulant for both the digestive and respiratory systems. It has shown to have a rejuvenating effect on the lungs. Pippali plays a crucial role in aiding the release of metabolic heat energy. This is caused by an increase in the thyroid hormone level in the body. It makes Pippali a complementary component which increases and enhances absorption of the other active ingredients.

Pippali fruit is commonly used in the prevention of recurrent attacks of bronchial asthma and in malaria. Researches have confirmed it is significantly beneficial in respiratory functioning. Pippali is also one of the best Ayurvedic herbs which nourishes and increases vigor and vitality of the body. Pippali dilates the blood cells therefore increasing the blood flow when applied locally. It is helpful in condition of swelling accompanied with pain.

It is beneficial for the functioning of the brain, anemia and blood disorders. It is helpful in conditions like anorexia (a psychological disorder characterized by either a significantly reduced appetite or complete aversion to eating); indigestion, piles and it also strengthens the functioning of the liver. Pippali is extremely good for chronic fever, typhoid and enlargement of the spleen. It acts as an expectorant and prevents the production of phlegm. As it is very useful in strengthening the lungs and because it is a rejuvenative and slows down the aging process it is used in Ayurveda as a tonic for tuberculosis. It also prevents liver damage which sometimes occurs as an adverse side effect of medicines used in treating and controlling tuberculosis.

Pippali is found to be helpful in controlling in dysmenorrhoea and painful labour. When Pippali powder is taken with honey it helps in reducing obesity. When one part of powder is taken with two parts of jaggery it helps in conditions like anemia, cardiac disorders and intestinal worm infestation.

Pippali Rasayana is considered pivotal for the purification process in the body, because it cleanses the Shrotas (channels) that transport nutrients and help in the removal of wastes from the body. The rasayana improves lung health. It helps in detoxifying the lungs and kidneys and cleaning the lymph glands. Paste made using long pepper and neem leaves is mixed with cow’s milk and sesame oil and is applied to the scalp wherever there is hair loss.

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