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Scientific research proved that Rudraksha consists of Magnetic and Electro Inductive properties. The human body is a complex bio-electronic circuit comprising of Central Nervous System and the organs and the functions it regulates. When the blood flow is streamlined, it has a powerful rejuvenating impact on this circuit and prevents stress-related disorders caused mainly by the damaging effects of excess energy on the neurons and neurotransmitters.


The beneficial powers of Rudraksha are due to the presence of its Electrical and Magnetic properties.


Human body is made up of complex Bio Electrical circuit, consisting of Central Nervous System, Autonomous, Sympathetic and Para-sympathetic Nervous System and various other Organ systems. Blood is pumped constantly from the heart to the brain and other organs. Various impulses are transmitted with this blood flow. Electrical impulses are generated by the continuous movements of the neurons and nerve cells in the brain. This generation of impulses is called as Bio-electricity. The flow of this Bio-electricity facilitates movement of information from the brain to various body parts and back. What we feel, think, hear, taste, see and perceive are all dependent on the flow of Bio-electric current. This occurs due to the existence of different energy levels that exist between different parts of the body.

As long as the flow of Bio-electricity is smooth, the body functions normally and a feeling of wellbeing persists. But there is a third element to the body and brain bio-electronic circuit interface and that is the mind. There are certain activities that can produce stress or maladjustment that throws the Electronic circuit of the body and mind out of gear. When such stress or maladjustments occurs, corresponding stress signals are sent to the Central Nervous System and there is an increased activity of neurons and neuro transmitters. If such a situation occurs and reoccurs, there is a disrupted flow of otherwise streamlined electrical signals throughout the body-mind interface. This makes us feel uncomfortable and our efficiency is affected, thus resulting in non-ideal blood circulation and invites many illnesses.

Rudraksha beads act as a stabilizing anchor. Rudraksha, when placed over the heart, act to stabilize the heartbeat. Much like magnets, the beads work on the principle of Dynamic Polarity. Blood circulation and heart beat automatically induce a magnetic field around the body and particularly the heart region. Wearing a Rudraksha induces a proportionate balancing force exerting on the heart to regulate it, if it starts beating above or below normal levels. This action ensures ideal blood circulation in the body and stabilizes the heartbeat.


Due to the difference between the energy levels of different parts of the body, there is a continuous and subtle flow of bio-electrical signal throughout the body. Rudraksha of particular mukhi have a definitive Factor of Resistance, measured in Ohms. When these beads resist the flow of bio-electrical impulses, a specific ampere of current flow is generated depending on the factor of resistance. This acts in tandem with heartbeat, streamlining it and sending out specific impulses to the brain, which stimulates certain positive brain enzymes making us feel better, more confident, energetic and poised. It is clinically proved that specific mukhis of Rudraksha beads send out specific signals which act on a particular brain enzyme and thus effecting specific positive changes in personality. It is a proven fact that our state of mind and personality is completely governed by the brain, its functioning and that of Central Nervous System.


Rudraksha beads acts as dielectric, i.e. as storage of electrical energy. This property makes it capable of stabilizing and anchoring the bio-electric current, which are measured in units of Farad. This property of Rudraksha is helpful in controlling hyperactivity, palpitations of heart, streamlining heartbeat etc. When there is increased physical activity due to stress, the heart beats faster and overall activity of hormones and nervous system increases, resulting in increasing energy levels and potential difference. It results in increased bio-electric current in the system. Rudraksha beads acting as Dielectric, store this excess bio-electric energy, thereby streamlining the overall activity to normalcy.


It is seen that Rudraksha beads have permanent magnetic properties and send out Inductive vibrations with frequencies which are measured in units of Henry (Volt Seconds/Ampere). This is perhaps the reason why people have felt better even when Rudraksha beads do not touch them physically.


We know that magnets have healing properties. Magnetic Healing has become popular and people are getting the benefits of the same and feeling overall better and rejuvenated. Rudraksha also contains the properties of magnets. Notable difference between ordinary magnets and Rudraksha as magnet is that Rudraksha has the ability to change polarity (Dia-magnetic properties). It has both – Para-magnetic and Dia-magnetic properties. Rudraksha has one of the most important properties of Dynamic Polarity.

Magnetic therapy is based on the fact that when the passage of arteries and veins which carry blood to and from the heart to all parts of the body is blocked or reduced due to any reason, various illnesses creep in. Blood carries oxygen and energy to various parts of the body and cleanses off the waste materials. Any disturbance of the smooth flow of blood circulation is bound to cause illness and the patient feels pain and uneasiness due to this.

Like the magnet, every cell in the blood and the arteries and veins are charged either positively or negatively. When magnets are passed on various parts of the body, the opposite poles of the magnets and that of the cells gets attracted and there is an expansion of the passage. The arteries and veins open up to facilitate streamlined blood circulation. But with magnets, the polarity is fixed. During the therapy, when magnets are brought near a particular part of the body, it opens up only those sections of arteries and veins where there is a matching of polarities. Hence, complete and streamlining of blood circulation cannot be ensured, though one may feel better and experience healing.


Rudraksha has the property of Dynamic Polarity – the ability to change its polarity, which is by virtue of its property of Dia-magnetism. Dia-magnetism means the ability of any material to acquire temporary magnetic property in presence of an external magnetic field. The polarity of the charge induced is opposite to that of the external field inducing the charge. Blood circulation and heartbeat automatically induces a magnetic field around the body and particularly the heart region. Bio-electricity automatically gives rise to bio-magnetism. Depending on the polarity of the Induced magnetic field, Rudraksha bead acquires a polarity that is opposite to the inducing field. As a result of this phenomenon, the opening up of the passages of arteries and veins are far better than that of an ordinary magnet. Much better healing and rejuvenation is experienced.

Recent studies have shown that wearing Rudraksha changes the aura of a person and this may lead to some changes in their physical condition. The results of Kirlian photography or Aura Imaging confirm this observation. While the effects of wearing Rudraksha come to be felt rather slowly, these are always of permanent nature. It has been observed that wearing the beads helps in maintaining the energy fields of a living organism properly. Although Aura Imaging has a few flaws and inconsistencies, yet there are noticeable changes in the aura of a person after wearing Rudraksha.

To summarize, wearing Rudraksha is beneficial to the nervous system bringing in calmness and peace of mind. It controls blood pressure and consequently, paves the way for mental stability, stress removal and helps one retain a healthy body. 

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