Speed of Light

Writen By: Rudra Life Posted on Jul 12 ,2016
Speed of Light

On 7th December 1676 , the Danish Astronomer Olaus Roemer was the first to determine the speed of light and today the world is celebrating the 340th Anniversary of that momentous event. 

While commemorating Ole Rømer determining of the speed of light, it should be remembered that it was only an indirect inference of his findings, because he was  more interested in explaining the discrepancies of the emergence or immersion of IO during its eclipses. Nevertheless it was a discovery that changed the way human beings understood this Universe. It was just an example of how one person’s curiosity brought about a big change in people’s lives.

 We at Rudralife are striving on the same lines in understanding the powers of that wonder bead of nature- Rudraksha and making people aware of this. And in the process it has helped us in empowering people and bringing about positive changes in their life and we are committed to doing it in the future too.

We salute Ole Rømer for his wonderful feats and are sure that he will remain an inspiration for mankind. And we believe that the powers of Rudraksha shall empower mankind and bring about Growth, Success and well-being in people’s life.

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