There are two fortnights in a lunar month, hence Chaturthi (fourth day) comes twice in a month. The Chaturthi coming in the dark half of lunar month (Krishna Paksha) is known as Sankasti Chaturthi. When a Sankasti Chaturthi falls on a Tuesday, it is known as Angaraki Chaturthi. This Chaturthi is considered as most auspicious.


Devotees keep fast on Sankasti Chaturthi from the time of sunrise to moonrise. The fast is ended after watching of the moon. During this period of fasting, devotees eat only fruits and certain vegetables. Some people do not consume salt throughout the fasting day. Even while ending the fast, only salt-less ‘Saatvik’ food is eaten.


Lord Ganesha is considered as most respected God of intellect and wisdom and destroyer of all the problems and remover of obstacles in the life of a person. It is believed that a person performing this fast is freed from all the obstacles. While worshipping Lord Ganesha,  the devotees chant “ Sankat Nashan Ganesh Stotra”.


For dates of Sankasti Chaturthi, please refer to our “Shiv Panchang”.

~~ Om Gam Ganapateye Namah~~