Trijuti Rudraksha

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This bead is also known as Gauri Paath or Brahma- Vishnu-Mahesh (The trinity of Gods). This is a wonder of nature where three Rudraksha beads get joined naturally on the tree itself. It is an extremely powerful Rudraksha which gives universal appeal and empowers the wearer with great achievements. An INDRA MALA (1 TO 21 MUKHI RUDRAKSHA) is not considered to be complete without this Rudraksha. Because of its natural form, this Rudraksha is very rare and only a few fortunate ones chosen by Almighty can possess it. It is a very auspicious Rudraksha and the wearer gets the blessings of all the Gods. It represents a complete personality for total command over all situations. It is ideal for effective leadership and complete success. The collector variety of this bead due to its larger surface area is better in dissipation of energy.

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