Rudralife only deals in the highest grade of Rudraksha and procures directly from farmers in Nepal. Any claims by traders of supplying Rudraksha to Rudralife are spurious and false. Please buy Rudraksha from a trusted source. Contact-us For further details.

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Rudralife's Logo | Rudraksha power for you

Deals only in highest grade of Rudraksha

Rudralife since its inception has always dealt in the highest grade of Rudraksha.We have dealt in high quality Nepal Beads which in turn has provided excellent results for our customers. This process is maintained right from the procurement of the beads from the growers in Nepal. Due to our longevity in the business and resultant dominant position we have access to first lot of the produce thereby ensuring that we always are able lay our hands on the best beads every season.

Further these beads are visually sorted for any visible damages on the outside of the beads. After this sorting X-ray testing of the beads to study their internal structure is done. Any shortcoming in the internal structure of the beads leads to further rejection of the defective beads. After the completion of this process only the beads of higher quality remain which are then packed in air tight packaging to be made available to our customers.

We have always dealt in high quality Nepal origin Rudraksha except the One Mukhi which we procure from South India. We have never dealt in the elusive One Mukhi from Nepal which is more of a myth. We always advice our customers to avoid the quest for the One Mukhi from Nepal as this may lead them to Unscrupulous elements operating in the Market.

We also use high grade Indonesian beads for the Japmalas, Bracelets and accessories. Our customers can rest assured that Rudraksha that they procure from Rudraksha will be of the highest grade and quality.