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9 Mukhi Durga Shakti Bracelet

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This is a Rudraksha bracelet made with one 9 Mukhi Rudraksha of Nepal origin and Indonesian 9 Mukhi Rudraksha beads along with Sphatik beads. The bracelet is made of very high-quality elastic and the best-quality Rudraksha beads to be worn on the left wrist for experiencing a surge of strength and energy. This bracelet can be worn by men and women for becoming fearless, self-confident and for the blessings of Devi Durga.

As per Shastra’s :

।। दुर्गवातधिष्ठात्री नवरूपा महेश्वरी तं धरस्येव्दामहस्ते रुद्राक्षं भक्ति तत्परः सर्वेश्वरो भवेन्नूनं मम तुल्यो न संशयः ।।
शिव पुराण, अ. २५, श्लो. ७४/७५

9 Mukhi Rudraksha is controlled by Nava Durga. By wearing it on the wrist of the left hand, the person becomes like Lord Shiva.

Shiva Purana, Chapter.25, Shloka. 74/7

The 9 Mukhi Rudraksha is blessed by Goddess Durga in all her nine magnificent forms. These nine forms are known as Nav Durga. It is believed that the woman who works relentlessly at the home, office or in both places benefits tremendously from this bead. The Durga Shakti bracelet, a talisman of sheer strength is much sought after by career women who are always on the move. It is also believed that this bracelet provides women with fearlessness, self-confidence and a strong mind.

It is said the wearer of the 9 Mukhi Rudraksha becomes fearless and stress-free. It is also said that it forms a protective shield against negativity. It is believed that this bracelet helps radiate the power of Durga from within and opens the heart to the divine.

Rules for wearing and how to maintain your Rudraksha Bracelet

  • Wear the bracelet for as long as possible, Rudraksha will only have positive effects on the wearer and can be worn without any hesitation by everyone irrespective of gender, religion and caste.