Rudralife only buys Rudraksha from the most authentic and genuine sources/farmers directly from Nepal. Any claims by traders of supplying Rudraksha to Rudralife are spurious and false. Contact-us For further details.

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The Durga Shakti Bracelet is made of a 9 Mukhi Rudraksha in the center with 5 Mukhi Indonesian Beads and sphatik beads all around.

Since the 9 Mukhi is blessed by Goddess Durga, the bracelet helps radiate the power of Durga from within and opens the heart to the divine. It forms a protective shield against negativity.

It is believed that this bracelet provides women with fearlessness, self-confidence and a strong mind. It enhances women empowerment as it gives confidence, power, dynamism and mental strength to women who wear the bracelet.

The bracelet is suggested to be worn on the left hand.