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Arka and Kumbh Vivah



Duration of this Puja: 3-4 Hrs.

Number of Pundit/s: 4

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Marriage for Hindus is a sacrament and before a marriage is solemnized the horoscopes of the prospective bride and the groom are thoroughly matched for longevity, compatibility, children, ailments and harmony between both of them. In Vedic Astrology malefic planets like Sun, Mars, Saturn, Rahu and Ketu are placed in the 7th house of the natal horoscope of the bride or the groom then Arka Vivah (for the groom) Kumbh Vivah (for the bride) are performed. During the Arka Vivah the groom is symbolically married to an Arka (Calotropis gigantea) tree and during the Kumbh Vivah the bride is symbolically married to an earthen pot. The Puja leads to the negative Doshas being taken over by the Arka tree or the earthen pot thus pacifying the Doshas in the horoscope of the bride or the groom leading to a long, stable and happy married life.

Puja Description: Ganesh Puja, Navgrah Puja, Mantra Japa, Arka Vivah / Kumbh Vivah, Homa and Aarti.