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Coral Mala Diamond Cut



Bead size: 6mm

Length of mala: approx. 14.5 inches

Number of Beads: 108 + 1

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Coral is a stone of marine organic origin. Coral may be used to reconnect with nature and its variety of wonders. This mala contains 108+1 beads of diamond cut red coral representing the planet Mars.

It is said to attract love and prosperity as it is called gem of passion. It is also said that wearing a coral mala brings creativity and optimism in the wearer. It supports confidence and impulsiveness.

The coral beads in this mala are 6mm in size approximately with knots as spacing. It can be used to chant mantra for Lord Hanuman / Lord Ganesha.

The coral mala is said to be good for the blood vessels and found to be good for people suffering from anemia. It is also used for general healing.