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Ganesh Rudraksha

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Presiding Deity: Lord Ganesh

Ruling Planet: None

Beej Mantra: Shree Ganeshay Namah

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|| एकदंताय विद्महे, वक्रतुण्डाय धीमहि,
तन्नो दंती प्रचोदयात् ||

We pray to the one with a single tusk, 

who is omnipresent. We pray for greater

intellect and wisdom to the Lord with

the curved elephant-shaped trunk.

The Ganesh Rudraksha can help you overcome obstacles in your life.

General Benefits: Presence of a trunk like stem in a Rudraksha is called Ganesh Rudraksha. This Rudraksha is believed to remove obstacles, brings luck and prosperity and also give blessing to start a new work. It guides and blesses the wearer in every sphere of life. As lord Ganesh is lord of wisdom and intellect it is therefore good for students as per our experience with the customers so far.

Spiritual Benefits: As per the Shastras Lord Ganesha bestows his grace on people who wear / worship this Rudraksha.

Health Benefits: It is said to reduce anxiety.

As Ganesh Chaturthi, the auspicious birthday of Lord Ganesha is upon us, it is a very auspicious time to bring home blessings in the form of His Rudraksha.