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Heera Shankh




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Heera Shankh is a natural, right sided conch shell glittering with many different colors. It is very beautiful and is totally filled with many different kinds of gems with a dull appearance from the outer side.

Keeping a Heera Shankh at the worship place at home is said to seek the blessings of Devi Mahalaxmi and Lord Vishnu. A person doing sadhana using this shankh is said to attain highest level of siddhis.

Benefits of Heera Shankh :

  • If kept in the bedroom, it brings harmony among the couple
  • It gives prosperity to the house, shop or office.
  • Worship of this Shankh attracts prosperity and abundance.

Heera shankh or Pahadi Shankh is a fossilized right side conch after millions of year and are embedded with beautiful gems and diamond like colored stones.. The average life of a Heera Shankh is approximately 10,000 years or more.

Heera Shankha is an auspicious and natural shankha found in mountains and has sparkling crystal like substance in the opening and sometimes on the shell as well. It has a dull look on the outer crust while its inner portion shines like diamonds.

According to ancient scriptures, long ago, a poor old lady named Heera-Ujawala used to stay in a village at North East India, earlier River Ganges used to flow there. She was an ardent devotee of Lord Vishnu and Goddess Laxmi.

Once there was an epidemic that spread in the village. Heera-Ujwala’s two sons and their wives too became a victim of the epidemic. She wanted to save the lives of her sons, daughters-in-law and the rest of the inmates of the village and bring the prosperity again in the village. In her sleep, she dreamt that she needs to do fasting and worship of Laxmi Narayan. Since she was an ardent devotee and was doing very severe penance to please Lord Vishnu and Goddess Laxmi, Lord Vishnu appeared and promised her that very soon the village will be free from all epidemic and all affected village inmates will soon be blessed with good health. But to bring prosperity she was advised to worship Dakshinavarty Laxmi Shankh as Goddess Laxmi can be pleased easily with the worship of Dakshinavarty Shankh. With the blessing of Lord Vishnu very soon the village was free from diseases. Heeraujawala continued her penance to please Goddess Laxmi. While she was performing the penance, it is said that very heavy rains started and the water from the ocean started overflowing and one strong wave of ocean unlit the 'Agni Jwala'(the fire which was lit to undertake the yajna) and destroyed the complete place and taken away all 'Ahutis' and donations like fruits, utensils etc. along with the wave itself to the ocean. This made the Heera-ujawala very sad and in the rage of anger she cursed that the place used immediately be relieved of ocean and become plain. That place has number of water species especially there was a high concentration of Dakshinavarti Shankhs and suddenly when the water receded, these species remained there and could not go back to the ocean. Since the species was endangered, Lord Varuna (the God of ocean) pleaded Goddess Laxmi to save the species. Goddess Laxmi immediately appeared where the Heera-ujawala was performing the penence and requested her to take the curse back. Heera-ujwala told Laxmi that now her Shankh has become stone how can she continue her penance. Goddess Laxmi promised the lady that hence forth all the worshipper of Dakshinavarti Shankhs will be blessed with immense fortune but they will be now available in very less number since most of them have changed into stones Shankhs. Goddess Laxmi further given a boon that all the stone Shankhs will be glittering with gems and precious stones. All the Shankhs which had turned into stones were named as Heera Shankhs.

The worshipper of Heera Shankhs will be blessed with immense fortune and luck  if the japa of the Goddess Laxmi mantra will be done using the sphatik mala.. It is highly recommended to keep Heera Shankhs in the puja room or altar.