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Number of Vedic Pundit/s: 3.

Duration: 4-5HRs

Prasad:Three Mukhi Rudraksha Pendant, Gunja beads and Sindoor.


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Mangal is also known as Bhauma ('son of Bhumi' or Bhaa) in Sanskrit. He is the god of war and is celibate. He is a natural malefic and Tamasic in nature and represents energetic action, confidence and ego. He presides over 'Mangalvaara' or Tuesday. There is a famous pilgrim place Mangalnath (in Ujjain, Madhya Pradesh, India). People who suffer from troubles related to the planet Mangal in their horoscope visit there on Tuesday. People having Mangal dosha suffer from obstacles and delays in career, business and marriage.


  • Helps in health related issues like muscular diseases, blood related issues. Helps in preventing surgeries.
  • Provide protection against accidents, fire hazards, debts.
  • Improves relationships with younger siblings.
  • It provides relief from excessive anger induces rational thinking and calms down a person.
  • It is essential for mitigating the ill effects of Manglik Dosha.

Who should perform Mangal Graha Shaanti Puja?

A person who has a debilitated (Neecha) Mangal, is undergoing a period of Mangal Maha dasa or sub-dasa, or if the planet Mangal is in association with any malefic planets by conjunction, aspect or is placed in the 1st, 2nd, 4th, 7th, 8th or the 12th house of the natal horoscope, or if Mangal has the lordship of a malefic house and posited in a benefic house and vice versa and also if Manglik dosha is also present in the natal horoscope.

Description: Gauri Ganesh Sthapan, Pradhan Sthapan, Navgrah Sthapan, Rudra Sthapan, Mangal Yantra Puja, Mangal Mantra Jaap and then Aarti and Pushpanjali.

The Puja will be performed as per Vedic rituals based on birth details (name, date, place, time), and Sankalp (your wish).