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Nav Durga Navratri Puja 


Duration: 10 Days

Number of Pundit/s on First day: 2

Number of Pundit/s on each day: 1

Number of Priests on Final day: 2

Prasadam: Durga Yantra, Mata Ki Chunri, Sindoor and an Ashta Mangalya Set.


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Navratri is one of the most significant festivals, celebrated twice a year, once in summer and once in the winter. Navratri is celebrated for nine nights. During this festival, people pray to Goddess Durga as she is believed to be the representation of positive cosmic energy – the Adi Shakti. Each of the nine days of Navratri is dedicated to the worship of different forms of the benevolent mother Devi Durga. The nine days are divided into three days each for Mahakali, Mahalaxmi and Mahasaraswati. This is a very unique and elaborate Puja for all the nine forms of Devi Durga. She is the divine energy or the driving force which enlivens the entire creation. The nine different manifestation of Devi Durga are Shailputri, Brahmacharini, Chandraghanta, Kushmanda, Skand Mata, Katyayani, Kaal Ratri, Maha Gauri and Siddhidatri.

As per Durga Saptashati, Devi Durga confers strength, courage, victory over adversaries and protection from malefic energies. She bestows Iccha Shakti (indomitable will power and intent), Kriya Shakti (the energy of creation) and the Jnana Shakti (the strength of intellect, wisdom and intuition) on ardent devotees thus giving them both Bhoga & Moksha.

Puja Description: Swasti Vaachan, Shanti Path, Sankalp, Ganesh Sthapan, Kalash Sthapan, Durga Sthapan, Bhairav Sthapan, Brahma Sthapan, Agni Sthapan, Navgrah Sthapan, Punya Vaachan Kalash, Sarvatobhadra Pujan, Kshetrapal Mandal Pujan, 64 Yogini Pujan, Dashansh Mantra Japa for each of the 9 incarnations of Goddess Durga, Homam with Honey, Ghee, Sugar, Til, Ashtagandh, Sandalwood Powder, Navgrah Samidha and then Purnahuti, Aarti and Prasad to Brahmins.

1st Day of Navratri - Installation of Durga Yantra & its Pujan, followed by Puja and Japa for Devi Shailputri.

2nd Day of Navratri - Puja followed by Japa for Devi Brahmacharini.

3rd Day of Navratri - Puja followed by Japa for Devi Chandraghanta.

4th Day of Navratri - Puja followed by Japa for Devi Kushmanda.

5th Day of Navratri - Puja followed by Japa for Devi Skand Mata.

6th Day of Navratri - Puja followed by Japa for Devi Katyayani.

7th Day of Navratri - Puja followed by Japa for Devi Kaalratri.

8th Day of Navratri - Puja followed by Japa for Devi Maha Gauri.

9th Day of Navratri - Puja & Japa for Devi Siddhidatri followed by Homam with Ahuti for all the forms of Maa Durga.