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Paarthiv Ling Puja


Duration: 3-4 Hrs.

Number of Vedic Pandit/s: 3

Prasadam: Shiv Yantra, Shiv Mahimna Stotra (book), Rudraksha Japmala , Silver Bilwa Patra.


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"Shiva is sign-less, without colour, taste or smell, beyond word and touch, without quality, changeless, motionless." (Linga Puran)

Suta, in Linga Puran explains the greatness of worshipping a Parthiv Linga-:
"Parthiv Linga is the most supreme among all the Shivlings. All the aspirations of the deities as well as men are fulfilled by the worship of Parthiv Linga In the present era of Kali; a Parthiv Linga holds the place of honor. The worship of Parthiv Linga begets more virtues than even penance. Parthiv Linga is considered to be the supreme among all the Linga. Worshipping, a Parthiv Linga with a 'Nishkam Bhava' (selfless attitude) helps a man to achieve all worldly desires and finally attain Moksha.
The Puja will be performed with 11 Parthiv Shiv Lingas made of mud/clay. Parthiv Shiv Lingas are considered as one of the most auspicious, sacred and divine amongst all Shivlings. Worshiping of Parthiv Shivling leads to growth, success, wealth, health and peace of mind. It provides relief from malefic effects of all the nine planets.


  • For removal of malefic effects of all the nine planets.
  • For courage and relief from all kinds of phobias.
  • For Spiritual upliftment.

Who should perform PAARTHIV LING PUJA?

  • To minimize the malefic effect of Nakshatras.
  • People suffering from malefic planetary doshas.
  • Those suffering from unfounded fears and phobias.
  • Fulfillment of worldly desires and for spiritual growth.
  • Best to be performed on individual birthdates, anniversaries and on festive occasions like Shiv Ratri, Makar Sankranti, on Amavasya and Eclipses.

Puja Description: Sthapana, Ganesh Puja, Shodash Matruka Pujan, Varun Pujan (Kalash Sthapana), Navgrah Pujan, Rudra Pujan, Parthiv Ling Abhishek with Rudrashtadhyayi Purna Paath, Shiv Mantra Jaap, and Aarti.