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Shiv Mala ®

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Shiv Mala Rudraksha for deep spiritual experiences.

The Shiva Mala has one bead of 1 Mukhi (Half Moon Shaped/Ardha Chandrakar/Kaju Dana) and the 6mm Panchmukhi Rudraksha mala. It is useful for meditation and helpful for spiritual growth.

The 5 Mukhi Mala contains 108 beads of Indonesian origin. It is blessed by Kaalgni form of Lord Shiva and a 1 Mukhi Rudraksha forms the Meru bead. The Shiv Mala imparts a sense of calm, and when a person is calm within, it enhances meditative focus. Therefore, the Shiva Mala is a good combination for people involved in spiritual practices.

Once you achieve the first level of Meditation, you can choose to upgrade to the second level of Meditation with our Shiv Mala.