Rudralife only deals in the highest grade of Rudraksha and procures directly from farmers in Nepal. Any claims by traders of supplying Rudraksha to Rudralife are spurious and false. Please buy Rudraksha from a trusted source. Contact-us For further details.

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Rudralife's Logo | Rudraksha power for you

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As per Shastra’s :

सर्वेषामपि वक्त्रणां धारणे यो समो भवेत् तस्मात्सर्व प्रयत्नेन रुद्राक्ष पुत्र धारय - पद्मपुराणे

"One who wears all mukhi Rudraksha becomes equal to me (Shiva). So dear Son, one should try by all means to wear all mukhi Rudraksha." -Padma Puran

भक्तिश्रद्धायुतश्चैव सर्वकामार्थसिद्धये । रुद्राक्षान्धारयेन्मन्त्रैर्देवनालस्य वर्जितः ॥

- श्रीशिवमहापुराणम्

"When all the Rudraksha are worn after being energized through their seed mantras and chanted withdevotion and faith, the wearer is blessed with fulfillment of all wishes, desires and riches. Without any hesitation, one must wear Rudraksha beads till 14 mukhi energized with their individual seed Mantras." -Shiv Puran

अधोवाच ये देवा दिविषदस्तेभ्यो नमो भगवन्तो अनुमदन्तु शोभायै पितरो अनुमदन्तु शोभायै ज्ञानमयी अथोवाच ये मंत्रा या विद्यास्तेभ्यो नतस्ताभ्यश्चनमस्तच्छक्तिरस्याः प्रतिष्ठापयति - अक्षमालिकोपनिषद्

"All Gods and Goddesses reside in this mala. All should worship this mala. This is an "Akshamalika" ( garland of letters). All mantras (whose count is 7 crores) and all knowledge resides in this mala." -Akshamalkopanishad

Siddha Mala - A powerful combination

  • Siddha Mala is a collector-grade selected combination of 1 to 14 mukhis*, Gaurishankar and Ganesh Rudraksha beads strung face to face and tail to tail as stated in our ancient Shastras. It is the most powerful Rudraksha mala for a multidiscipline approach as it represents all planets, Gods and Goddesses. Making it one of the most sought after power combination and a trademark registered product of Rudralife.
  • Mention of Shiva as Mantra Swarupa Matram (he who is the form of Mantras) is seen in the Upanishads. It is further mentioned that stringing the Gaurishankar and Ganesha Rudraksha along with 1 to 14 mukhi beads harnesses the power of the Mantras. Such a Mala is called Siddha Mala and the wearer of this Mala becomes like Shiva himself.
  • This mala maybe worn or can be kept at the altar for worship or even carried along in a pouch. The beads in this mala represent all the nine planets and all the Deities. This is one of the most powerful healing mala that one can possess. Testimonials received from wearers over the years confirm its powers.

Configuration of Siddha Mala

2 Mukhi x 3

3 Mukhi x 3

4 Mukhi x 3

5 Mukhi x 3

6 Mukhi x 3

7 Mukhi x 3

8 to 14 Mukhi x 1 each

Gaurishankar - 1

1 Mukhi halfmoon 1

Ganesh - 1

Total 27+ 1 = 28

It is strung with wool, and woolen spacers are placed between the beads to protect them as well as to provide an 'Asana' or seat to all the Rudraksha. Wool makes the mala stronger, more flexible and light-weight. It may be worn or carried in a pouch on the person, or placed at the altar.

Who should wear Siddha Mala:

This is a powerful healing mala ideal for achievers and ambitious people who want to reach top levels in their career and businesses. One may get everything that one aspires for viz, Dharma, Artha, Kama and Moksha.

When an individual wears or worships this Mala he is said to experience very high levels of divine energy from various deities along with the power of Mantras. His energy centers are constantly cleansed of negativity and positive divine energy flows into him. Divine energy brings good health, wealth, fame and fortune as per Shastras.

Important Note

Depending on the availability instead of 14 mukhi bead, Rudralife gives a 15 mukhi Rudraksha (Pashupatinath). Mala's effectiveness is increased as 15 mukhi has all qualities of 14 mukhi, additionally a 15 mukhi is a good alternative of 1 mukhi of Nepal.

How to Maintain your Rudraksha :

  • We suggest to remove Rudraksha while visiting funeral grounds and during menstruation cycles for women.
  • It is also recommended to take off the Rudraksha at night during sleep for convenience purposes.
  • The application of soap will dehydrate the beads which is why we suggest to remove the beads during bathing.
  • Clean the Rudraksha with water and oil the Rudraksha at regular intervals(almond oil or any edible oil). Once a week or month should be sufficient.
  • Chant ‘Om Namah Shivaye’ or the Beej Mantra of the Rudraksha minimum 9 times before wearing it the next day.
  • Try to do a Puja of your Rudraksha whenever possible by simply touching it to a Shivling and chanting ‘Om Namah Shivaye’ 11 times before wearing.
  • Rudraksha are strong beads which can last for many years as well as can be passed down to the next generations.