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Sixteen Mukhi Rudraksha

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BENEFITS: Jai Rudrksha- for victory against enemies and court cases.

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As per Shastra’s :

॥ जटाकलाप शोभितं समस्य पाप नाशकं स्वभक्त भीती भन्जनं भजेः रामद्वयम ||

Salutation to Shri Rama, his matted locks shine with glory and he destroys the fears and sins of his devotees.

Essence of Sixteen Mukhi Rudraksha:

16 Mukhi Rudraksha is the talisman of a virtuous human being who is endowed with tremendous fortitude. A blessing of Lord Rama endows goods family relationships, respect, fame and success. The 16 Mukhi Rudraksha is called as the “Jai Rudraksha”. The powers protect the wearer against any theft or cheating while ensuring victory against adversaries. This Rudraksha is also blessed by Mahakaal; the blessing of this deity removes the fear death. It is helpful for people whose birth sign contain unfavourable planetary positions. True strength comes from within. This Rudraksha helps in overcoming fears like those of losing one’s beloved ones, unjust blame for some acts not committed, has to compromise his or her principles or is afraid of death. One can wear this divine bead for overcoming unfounded fears and emerging victorious. The story of Lord Rama’s life gives insight into his tremendous inner strength and power to emerge victorious against all odds. The Ramashtakam sings his glory with the following.

Benefits of wearing the 16 Mukhi Rudraksha :

  • General Benefits: It is said that It gives the wearer victory over opponents in court cases and legal issues. The wearer of this bead experiences strengthened family bonds and draws respect, fame and victory. It is believed that it protects the wearer against deceit, cheating and theft. It boosts self-esteem and destroys fear of death.
  • Spiritual Benefits: As per texts, this bead is highly effective for the Mooladhara / Base Chakra. It increases the grounding energy. The individual becomes extremely practical, down to earth and fulfills all worldly obligations unconditionally. The wearer faces all ups and down in life with calmness and courage. He becomes the bearer of supreme fortitude. The wearer of this bead treads the path of spirituality while fulfilling all their worldly responsibilities.
  • Health Benefits: The 16 Mukhi Rudraksha is said to be a good talisman for recovering from acute and chronic ailments. It provides healing energy to kidneys, intestines, lower back etc. It promotes emotional healing and calmness in stressful and adverse situations.

Who should wear the Sixteen Mukhi Rudraksha:

As per scriptures, the 16 Mukhi Rudraksha always ensures victory over adversaries. The16 Mukhi Rudraksha can be worn singularly or in combination with other Rudraksha. People involved in import - export, chemical and pharmaceutical businesses are advised to wear this bead. The energy of this Rudraksha is capable of cutting through legal entanglements and adversaries thereby ensuring victory in court cases.

Lord Rama and 16 Mukhi Rudraksha

Lord Rama was born into a royal family. He grew up to be a virtuous, courageous and righteous prince. He was loved by all. This young handsome prince was also physically very strong. He was the only one who could lift and string a bow during the Swayamvar of Devi Sita. He won her hand in marriage and returned to Ayodhya. This young scion of the Ikshvaku dynasty was fate's chosen child. Due to a promise given by his father he was exiled to into the forest for 14 years. He honoured this promise and lived in the forest with his brother Lakshman and wife Sita. When Sita was abducted by Ravana, Lord Rama was heartbroken. He received the aid of Lord Hanuman, an Anshavatar of Lord Shiva. The entire army of monkeys helped Lord Rama build a bridge across the ocean to reach Lanka where Sita was imprisoned. Lord Rama had to wage a war and kill Ravana to get Sita Devi back. He returned to Ayodhya with his wife and was crowned the King amidst cries of victorious cries of “Jai Shri Ram”.

The 16 Mukhi Rudraksha is an extremely powerful and rare a bead. It controls the malefic effects of the planet Rahu. This shadow planet is known for its illusory and deceptive powers. The energy of the 16 Mukhi can cut through any illusion, deceit and bestow the wearer with auspiciousness. Victory and happiness follow the wearer. These lines from Ramashtakam clearly mention this.

How to Maintain your Rudraksha :

  • We suggest to remove Rudraksha while visiting funeral grounds and during menstruation cycles for women.
  • It is also recommended to take off the Rudraksha at night during sleep for convenience purposes.
  • The application of soap will dehydrate the beads which is why we suggest to remove the beads during bathing.
  • Clean the Rudraksha with water and oil the Rudraksha at regular intervals(almond oil or any edible oil). Once a week or month should be sufficient.
  • Chant ‘Om Namah Shivaye’ or the Beej Mantra of the Rudraksha minimum 9 times before wearing it the next day.
  • Try to do a Puja of your Rudraksha whenever possible by simply touching it to a Shivling and chanting ‘Om Namah Shivaye’ 11 times before wearing.
  • Rudraksha are strong beads which can last for many years as well as can be passed down to the next generations.