Rudralife only deals in the highest grade of Rudraksha and procures directly from farmers in Nepal. Any claims by traders of supplying Rudraksha to Rudralife are spurious and false. Please buy Rudraksha from a trusted source. Contact-us For further details.

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Benefits of Sphatik Mala:

  • Sphatik Mala is made up of 108 plus 1 beads.
  • The beads are clear diamond cut in shape.
  • According to Astrology, Sphatik (Crystal) is related to Venus.
  • Mala made from Sphatik crystal gives concentration, cools the body, and calms the mind.
  • Sphatik Mala brings down the body heat of the person wearing mala.
  • Mala can be used for meditation purposes as well.
  • Mala can be used for Japas of Maha Lakshmi, Shukra, Gayatri, and Saraswati.

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The mala is a beautiful diamond cut Sphatik (crystal quartz) rosary. It can be used to chant all Devi Mantras. The approximate size of the beads is 10 mm. Sphatik is said to diminish stress, supports healing abilities and helps with balancing the chakras. It is believed to provide peace and tranquility. Sphatik is said to have the capability to reduce body heat.

Sphatik enhances energy levels, provides clarity of thoughts and dispels negativity. In some cases, sphatik is useful for diagnostic healing as it amplifies healing energy.