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Swasthya Bandh Rudraksha

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Swasthya Bandh is a Rudralife trademark product.

Swasthya Bandh is a combination of two beads of 3 Mukhi Rudraksha and three beads of 5 Mukhi Rudraksha strung in red thread. This combination is known to be very effective for dealing with depression, anxiety and nervousness. Wearing it is believed to make a person feel good and positive. This is a very important Rudraksha combination for overall health and safety.

  • It is beneficial for proper blood circulation, relief from stress/anxiety and similar complexes.
  • It is believed to give renewed energy to the wearer.
  • It is also an effective combination for tackling depression, anxiety and nervousness by calming the mind.
  • On wearing Swasthya Bandh, the wearer feels a sense of wellbeing and positivity.
  • This mala is meant to be worn around the neck.
  • 3 Mukhi Rudraksha is blessed by Lord Agni (fire). It is auspicious for boosting your energy levels.
  • 5 Mukhi Rudraksha is believed to be ideal for good health and peace of mind.



It is said that the Swasthya Bandh helps in blood circulation in the body and gives relief from the problem of blood pressure. Wearing this bandha is believed to give renewed energy, especially to those who are suffering from blood pressure, anxiety and diabetes. This bandh should be worn around the neck for maximum benefit.


How to Maintain Rudraksha:-

Rudraksha are powerful ancient beads believed to have originated from the tears of Lord Shiva worn by humans since time immemorial. They have a life span of hundreds of years if maintained properly, it can also be handed over through generations. The beads should be kept clean and free from deposits of sweat and talc, by washing them with plain water at regular intervals and cleaning them with a soft brush. If the beads appear to be dry then you can apply coconut, olive or mustard oil to protect the beads from dehydration.


Do's and Don'ts:-

Rudraksha can be worn by all (Men, Women & Children) on a regular basis without any restrictions. Preferably, the Rudraksha should be taken off during intercourse, bowel movements, haircut, visiting funeral grounds and monthly menstrual cycles. The Rudraksha can also be taken off while taking bath as regular soap and water can dehydrate the beads.
Hence, as a daily routine, it is recommended to take off the mala at night and wear it in the morning after a bath, after chanting "Om Namah Shivay".

The Swasthya Bandh is a trademark product of Rudralife and one of our most successful combinations for health.