Empower Yourself July 2018 (Shravan Mas)

Rudralife Celebrates Shravan

The auspicious month of Shravan is dedicated to Lord Shiva. In North India Shravan is observed from Purnima onwards, and this year will cover the period from 28th of July till the 26th of August. In Maharashtra, Gujarat, Goa, and South India it is observed from Amavasya to Amavasya, beginning from 12th August and ending on 9th of September, 2018. Rudralife celebrates Shravan for the entire one and a half months covering both the periods.

Rudralife respects both the belief systems and will be celebrating the auspicious month of Shravan from 28th of July till the 9th of September 2018.

It is said that Lord Mahadeva descends from his abode of Mount Kailash during Shravan and travels across the lands blessing his disciples. “Rudra” + “Aksha”, Rudraksha, which also means ‘pleasing to the eye of Shiva’, is Lord Shiva’s greatest gift to mankind and his choicest blessings are given to his devotees who adorn this gift that is also an ancient heritage.

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Saraswati Bandh A

Description - Saraswati Bandh is for students, This Rudraksha Combination helps in improving memory, intelligence concentration and focus. The combination also increases learning ability.

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Saraswati Bandh B

Description - Saraswati Bandh B is said to increase mental. It helps students to have a clear vision of the career choices. It also helps in making the right decision in their career

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Saraswati Bandh C

Description - Saraswati Bandh C designed for people in creative fields as it is said to improve mental strength, will power and intellect and creativity

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Ganesh-Laxmi Bandh

Description - Ganesh rudraksha is represented by Hindu God Ganesha, who bestows success, growth in all the endeavor’s and removes obstacles to give quick success and accomplishments.

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Career Growth Bracelet

Description - Career Growth Bracelet is all in one bracelet for success, growth, opportunities and stability in ones career.

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One Mukhi Silver

Description - Excellence in meditation, yoga and it develops better focus, beneficial for reducing the level of stress & good for the heart and eyesight too.

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Laxmi Wealth Pendant

Description - Laxmi Wealth Pendant beneficial for financial growth, materialistic gains and stability & also beneficial for bones problems and for body pains.

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Shiv Mala

Description - Shiv Mala is useful for meditation and helpful for spiritual growth, maintaining good health. Is said to be good for health, peace of mind and removal of anxiety.

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