Rudralife only deals in the highest grade of Rudraksha and procures directly from farmers in Nepal. Any claims by traders of supplying Rudraksha to Rudralife are spurious and false. Please buy Rudraksha from a trusted source. Contact-us For further details.

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Mr. Jigyasa Sharma

Dear rudralife, thank you for your kind suggestion and rudraksha recommendations. I am glad to be in touch with your organisation and getting the best possible solutions for life. Sending you best wishes, Thanking you.

Ms. Dimple Kapadia

"Rudraksha from Mr. Tanay are very fascinating."

- (Actress)

Mr.Jaidev Thackeray

I was always fascinated and curious about Rudrakshas, for many years I got Rudraksha from sages and saints, who visited my house. After seeing an advt. of Rudralife's exhibition, I met Mr. Tanay Seetha and was impressed with his vast knowledge on Rudrakshas. The scientific approach, determination of genuine from fakes, and Rudrakshas for various diseases, I got to learn from him and today for all me and my friends requirement for Rudraksha, Mr. Tanay Seetha and his organization Rudralife is the most trusted source I know."

- (Politician)

Mr. Yogesh Korde

I'm happy to say that the Rudraksha procured from Rudralife are original and very effective.I can only say that I am experiencing divine field around me and a kind of Bliss of Lord Shiva.

I didn't wear them for any personal wishes but for increasing devotion towards Lord Shiva. He bestows every good thing upon us. You don't need to 'ask' for it. I must thank Rudralife for this. I would recommend everybody to wear Rudraksha beads from Rudralife and experience the same thing; if you have complete faith in lord Shiva.

Dr. Nimish Shelat

"Initially I purchased Siddha Mala from you and now I am looking forward to procure 21 mukhi to make my Indra Mala."

- (Credited for 1st test tube baby of Gujarat)

Mr. P.S.M. Dalabehera

After wearing a lower combination of 7, 10, and 12, I got mental peace. It helps in Keeping good dealings with senior officials. It helps me for my carrier development. Now I enhance it to a complete Siddha Mala for all around development.

- (Govt. of Odisha UT (IDCO))

Shri Khagenbhai Patel (M.D.)

I am wearing 16m, 17m, 18m, 19m, 21m and Trijuti Rudraksha given by Tanaybhai. No words can describe the fantastic results after wearing these powerful Rudraksha."

- (Crystal Forms Ltd. - Ahmedabad)

Mr. Gurusamy Sunder

Dear Sir, Thank you very much for replacement of the mala. I received the new one on 05.12.2014. I wish to thank you again for the timely action. 'Rudralife' doing a fantastic job!

- (Trivandrum)

Mr. Hemang R. Jivanramjiwala

I bought one mukhi with two six mukhi rudraksha last year. I experience lots of improvements (positive) in my life. My surrounding changes unexpectedly in a positive manner. Slow & steady I am getting mental peace & happiness. I suggest everyone to have Rudraksha for desire & good health.

- (Gujarat)

Mr. Yash Vakharia

After wearing the mala, I feel calm and peace of mind. I could concentrate at my workplace in a better way. Thank You Rudralife.

- (Gujarat)

Mr. Naresh Servani

My name is Naresh Servani from Godhara. I am in the business of LIC. Last year when Rudralife had an exhibition in Vadodara, then I purchased 1 bead of 11 mukhi and 2 beads of 7 mukhi. I took the rudraksha for expanding my business. After wearing the suggested combination it has really benefitted me, my confidence level has increased. I have visited the exhibition again to add more Rudraksha to my existing mala.

- (Gujarat)