Rudralife only deals in the highest grade of Rudraksha and procures directly from farmers in Nepal. Any claims by traders of supplying Rudraksha to Rudralife are spurious and false. Please buy Rudraksha from a trusted source. Contact-us For further details.

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Mr. Satish Swaroop

Effective consulting. Happy to be associated with Smt. Hemlata & Rudralife.

Mr. Nitin Kumar Misra

Excellent Rudraksha. Everytime I come to your exhibition it gives a very good feeling. Rudraksha recommendation given by the experts are really nice. I am really thankful to you & Rudralife team. Keep it up.

Mrs. Puja Mehta

"Wearing Rudraksha since last 6 to 7 years. I have experienced a vast difference in my life in all aspects. It really helps and works. Just trust its impact."

- (Gandhinagar)

Mr. Sanjay Chhabria

Increased overall prosperity since wearing from last 4 years.

- (Financial Consultant, Raipur)

Mr. Ashish

I feel great wearing the Rudraksha beads recommended by your numerologist Vidisha. Wearing Rudraksha fills me with great confidence and optimism.

I say this for a reason! Now look at the situation here -I received your request for feedback on 24th last month (though I checked it very late) and 5 days before that I received a news that the company I work with decided to close our unit in 30 days...

However, I strongly feel that this is an act of Shiva who has to destroy in order to create good, create big and create lasting. He is defining a new order.

I behold that this is the effect of Rudraksha and this is the beginning of the new beginning blessed by Shiva. This is a feedback since you asked. I will keep you posted on further developments. Kindly keep prompting.

Dr. Kumar

I was in search of finding and doing research on alternate medicine when by chance I happen to meet Mr. Tanay Seetha and was deeply impressed by his vast knowledge and intense commitment toward Rudraksha and his whole hearted involvement in sponsoring various researches with various organization on this wonder bead."

- (AIIMS)(New Delhi.)

Shri Shool (M.D)

I always rely on Rudralife for our requirement of Rudraksha."

- (M.D of Agni Jewels.)

Dr. M.D. Gopi

am feeling confident after started wearing rudraksha and I am feeling better with combination and the response from the Rudralife professionals was awesome.

- (Raipur)

Mr. Bhavin Pandya

After Wearing rudraksha I have got great business opportunity. I have started business in the month of March'13 with my job and also went to international trip in the month of May'13 first time in my life. And also there is some many change in my day to day activity. I am enjoying my life. Thanks for all your reclamation. Kindly suggest me to grow faster in the business and to quit from job.

Mr. Rajesh Tiwari

Scientific approach and all predictions came true, which was predicted by Shri. Akashji previous year came true and I feel that because of his suggestion the rudraksha which I wear has brought me peace and prosperity. Thank you, Akashji.

- (Advocate)

Mr. R. C. Sinha

"Your Rudrakshas are genuine and service par excellent."

- (I.T. Commissioner, Hyderabad)
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