Vedic Maha Pujas 2023-2024

Sankalp Pujas for the entire year

  • 33 Vedic Pujas organized throughout the year on auspicious Muhurats and festivals to worship the divine Gods and Goddesses seeking blessings for you and your entire family
  • Pujas are organized as per the knowledge of our scriptures and expertise of our team of Vedic Pandits with an aim to offer the best to the Gods following each and every Vidhi
  • Beautiful and newly designed Prasad kits with energized spiritual items such as Bracelets, Malas, Dry fruits, Bel Patra, Yantras and more delivered to your homes
  • Each Puja live-streamed in an interactive manner on Youtube for everyone to seek blessings. Updates for each Puja will be sent via WhatsApp and Email including the Puja Compilation and Sankalp chants
  • Save upto 45% by purchasing the entire yearly calendar and becoming a Yajaman in all of Rudralife’s Maha Pujas. Also avail a personalized Puja on your birthday with compliments of Rudralife.
  • Mission to help our customers organise and participate in elaborate Vedic Puja rituals which help bring peace, positivity, blessings and protection into their lives
  • These 33 Maha Pujas will lead you and your family through Vedic ceremonies for Gods, Goddesses, all nine planets and all major festivals

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Disclaimer: Wearing Rudraksha is a matter of faith and belief. All information provided is based on the scriptures, published books and individual experiences. Rudralife guarantees the quality of the beads and not the effects. Wearer discretion is advised.

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