LIVE Webinar on 22nd January 2022

How RUDRAKSHA changes and has changed lives.

Host - Dr. Tanay Seetha

Date: 22nd January 2022

Time: 7:00 PM IST

Why should you attend?

  • 1) Rudralife presents an exclusive webinar on how Rudraksha changes your life in various aspects by Dr. Tanay Seetha.
  • 2) Watch various experiences people have felt after incorporating Rudraksha into their lives and how it has affected there lives significantly.
  • 3) This webinar along with Dr. Tanay Seetha will help explore new opportunities in the coming years and how you can benefit from it.
  • 4) Watch how various people from different walks of life have experienced growth, success and well-being after wearing Rudraksha.
  • 5) This webinar will also help you get insights on how Rudralife under Dr. Tanay Seetha helped empower customers during the most difficult times.
  • 6) Dr. Tanay Seetha will also share his own experience of Rudraksha and how it has made changes in his own life.
  • 7) Join us for the most awaited webinar of Rudralife on 22nd January 2021 7PM IST
  • 8) Surprise offers for webinar participants only.

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Disclaimer: Wearing Rudraksha is a matter of faith and belief. All information provided is based on the scriptures, published books and individual experiences. Rudralife guarantees the quality of the beads and not the effects. Wearer discretion is advised.

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