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How To Recognize Genuine Rudraksha

Rudraksha Bead is a natural tranquillizer. Wearing a rosary of its beads relieves stress, insomnia, anxiety, depression and lack of concentration. It calms...


Electric properties of Rudraksha beads

Rudraksha sends out specific inductive vibrations because of its unique magnetic properties. According to sacred Vedic texts, Rudraksha beads bear a great spiritual,...


Rudraksha: A Sensory Mystery or a Divine Conductor?

As per the Shastras focusing on the Rudraksha while chanting Mantras creates tremendous positive energy. It is stated that only the fortunate get...


How do we know which Rudraksha is good?

The best way to choose Rudraksha beads is by reading the properties of the beads and selecting the ones that closely match with...