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Shiva, Shravan, and Rudraksha: Connecting with Shiva Through Rudraksha in the Holy Month of Shravan

As the monsoon clouds gather and the first drops of rain kiss the earth, a sense of divine anticipation fills the air. The...

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Top Reasons To Choose Rudralife For Your First Rudraksha

Introduction Welcome to Rudralife! Our journey is all about the amazing Rudraksha beads and how they can make a difference in your life....

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Sharadiya Navratri October 2023: Significance, Dates, Puja and more

Navratri, a festival celebrated in India, is dedicated to Devi Durga, the goddess of power and strength. People celebrate the festival for nine...

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Rudraksha power for Raksha Bandhan

At Rudralife, we have a range of Rudraksha bracelets curated by our team with the blessings of original Nepal Rudraksha for health and...

Day One of Navchandi Mahapuja
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Day One of Navchandi Mahapuja at Rudralife

We concluded the Puja with a divine Aarti and wished for health, wealth and success for all our customers. Navchandi Mahapuja: We started...

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Navratri with Rudralife

Devi is the divine mother who is the source of all energy in the universe. With great fervour and celebrations of Navratri at Rudralife this...

Navratri Celebrations at Rudralife 2022
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Navratri Celebrations at Rudralife 2022

Rudralife will also be conducting Puja’s for 9 Mukhi Rudrakshas, blessed by Devi Durga which will be worshipped during the entire 9 days...