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Some Common but Inconclusive Methods to test Rudraksha

An old and dry bead will also not sink in water. Similarly, a genuine bead plucked unripe or sourced from a low-density species, also will not sink.

Rudraksha sinking in water:

A ripe Rudraksha plucked from tree will have density higher than water. It will, therefore, sink in water. However, if a bead is externally tampered with and lines altered or two beads glued together, they will all sink. Also, if a bead is made of light wood or if a low density berry is cleverly impregnated with heavy metal or lead the bead will sink in water. Hence this is not a foolproof test. The specific gravity of rudraksha is higher than 1.00 and as such the bead should sink in water in most cases.

Therefore, it is not wrong to assume this test as an important parameter, but it is not enough and other aspects must be clearly understood. Many people try this test on rudraksha mala of Indonesian beads. They try to dip the entire mala along with the thread that the mala is beaded in. Normally, because of the thread, the mala may not sink initially. But, once the thread gets heavy in water, it becomes heavy and the whole mala will sink. Ideally, the beads should be taken out and dipped in water separately. The Indonesian small-sized beads sink only when these are of high quality and higher specific gravity. If they float it must be presumed that the density of the beads is low and they are not necessarily fake.

The test is not effective in another instance. If you have a perfectly formed bead with a larger hole, it will not sink in water unless all the trapped air inside the bead vents out and water gets in. it may take few minutes for this to happen, but by this time most people will conclude that since the bead did not sink, it is fake.

An old and dry bead will also not sink in water. Similarly, a genuine bead plucked unripe or sourced from a low-density species, also will not sink. Therefore, this test, mostly popularized by traders, is not a foolproof method for all rudraksha. At best, it can be used on a genuine rudraksha just to confirm that it is from a ripened fruit and it is of proper density.


Copper Coin Rotation:

It is very commonly held that a genuine rudraksha will rotate if held between two copper coins. A genuine rudraksha does rotate when held between two copper coins. But this phenomenon is of the two copper coins and the same will happen if the two coins are replaced by two copper plates as well. But even a fake rudraksha will rotate when held between two copper coins or plates. Actually, any round object having protrusions like those found on rudraksha shall rotate if held between two copper coins due to the mechanical force applied on a pivoted surface.

Even if a seed of berry (ber) is taken, it might rotate if mild pressure is applied because of its protrusions. The electromagnetic power of rudraksha has no role to play and it cannot physically rotate the bead. Even a roundish stone will rotate when held between two copper coins or plates. So the copper coin rotation test is certainly not enough to ascertain the genuinity of a rudraksha bead.


Boiling Rudraksha in milk:

There are no scientific facts that prove milk can be preserved for a longer period of time if it is boiled with a rudraksha. True, the bead may increase the electrical charge in milk and it may have some property in curing some of the mind-related diseases and also in increasing memory.

There are several other gimmicks and unfounded methods employed by traders and other interested parties that people who wish to procure genuine beads often get confused. One amusing test suggested by a local seller to identify a genuine 1 mukhi rudraksha is that if this bead is kept immersed in a bag full of rice or beneath a huge bunch of Pipal or Bel leaves overnight, the bead will automatically come on top the next day morning. It is not true. It is therefore necessary to understand that none of the above tests have any firm scientific basis.


How to get best quality Rudraksha?

More than 90 percent of Rudraksha available in the market are found to be fakes/replica’s. In such a situation, it is very important to keep in mind that the organisation/seller from where you purchase Rudraksha is reliable and gives you original Rudraksha beads.

Rudraksha offered by Rudralife are carefully selected and checked for its authenticity. Rudralife has established an ISO Certified laboratory to test all these beads at the time of purchase or sale. We conduct x-ray studies and several other tests to ensure not only that the beads are pure and authentic but to make sure that these are having inner power and hence efficacy.

Rudralife offers various types of Rudraksha with varying benefits and suitability. Make sure you choose the right Rudraksha for yourself. You can also consult Rudralife’s recommenders on the best Rudraksha for you as well as know more about the characteristics of any Rudraksha. For this, you can  Whatsapp us. You will get all the information easily.

Many trusted customers of Rudralife have expressed their extremely positive opinion about Rudraksha beads benefits and other important products provided by Rudralife from time to time. He has shared his experience in detail about the health, spiritual, and spiritual benefits of Rudraksha. Get ‘testimonials’ to know more about people’s successful experiences with Rudraksha.

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