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What does the concept of Abhishek mean?

Ritual bathing of Shivling, also known as Rudrabhishek, is the best way to please Mahadev.

The Sanskrit word Abhishek means sprinkling. This is a ritual in which the idols are given a sacred bath not only with water, but also with honey, milk, turmeric etc. The idols are used to store the cosmic energy and dissipate them. We know that energy transfer occurs when a potential difference exists.

Here in this case the idols are the high potential dissipaters and we (humans) are the low potential absorbers. Water, being an electrolyte, transmits energy faster than air. Pouring water upon an energized deity releases powerful vibrations which we can receive more easily than from the air.

Similarly, different substances have the ability to release different vibrations when they come in contact with an energized object or deity. Many of these substances are edible, and each one has a unique quality which heals or energizes a specific body part. The spent liquid is passed on to the devotees for them to drink or to apply on their heads and this is known as Teertham.


Importance of Abhishek of Shivling

Ritual bathing of Shivling, also known as Rudrabhishek, is the best way to please Mahadev. It pleases Lord Shiva because Shiva is an innately pleasing and quick giver of fruits and he is the giver of love, marriage, happiness, prosperity, power and knowledge. Rudrabhishek Yagya is the most important, biggest and popular religious-spiritual festival to please Lord Shiva, participating in this Abhishek gives an easy way to get rid of all the troubles of life.

The materials used in the Abhishek have their own importance. Whatever Rudrabhishek is done with, that object is going to affect some area of ​​life with great depth.


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