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Connecting with Lord Shiva’s Prana and Aum

Lord Shiva as Prana and Aum
Lord Shiva as Prana and Aum

What is Prana?

The science of yoga and physiology agrees that within a body there are various energies: nervous energy, heat, biochemical energy etc. which function in the different parts of the body. These energies allow all the different organs and muscles to function, communicate and coordinate with the brain. These energies can be segregated into various forms of Prana.

Physiology confines itself to the study of these energies and their interrelatedness of them. Whereas yoga  says that there are other forms of Prana in and around the body. All these forms of energy have a great impact on the life of a yogi.


What is Pranamaya Kosha

Yoga says that there is an energy called the Pranamaya Kosha which surrounds the physical body. This corresponds to the body described by those who have awakened their physical abilities. Within these pranic bodies, the prana flows freely but on a fixed path. The yogic term for this path is Nadi.

manage Prana
Pranamaya Kosha

How Pranayama helps one to manage Prana

Many people consider these Nadis not more than nerves of a human body which clearly is not the case. The nerves are the way of blood travelling; Nadis are referred to as the flow of prana. Pranayama practices help one to manage the flow of prana which is responsible for well-being. Pranayam practices help one to manage the flow of prana which is responsible for well-being.


Lord Shiva as Prana and Aum

Shiva is Ishwara and is therefore also the source of Prana. Hence, he is known as Praneshwara. The Upanishads explain that Prana or breath is superior to all other organs in the body, because they all depend upon Prana for nourishment, while Prana does not depend upon them.

Lord Shiva
Lord Shiva

A body without Prana is a body without Shiva. Hence, It is called Shava, a body without Prana or Shiva. Therefore those who visit funeral ground or those who touch a dead body are considered impure and are required to take a bath. The whole universe is suffused with the Prana of Shiva. By his mere presence, one becomes full of life and energy.

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Why Shiva is called Om Kareshwar

Shiva is also considered the personification of the sacred sound of Aum. Hence, he is called Om Kareshwar. Aum is the sacred sound which represents the fourfold reality or consciousness. Therefore, when you breathe, keep remembering the auspicious Shiva. Become aware of the sound of Aum hidden in your breathing and concentrate upon it without any distraction. That sound reminds you that the source of your life and your Prana is Shiva himself.

Lord Shiva
Lord Shiva

Lord Shiva and Rudraksha

Rudraksha which is akin to Lord Shiva  himself is considered to be very auspicious. The Rudraksha beads are of great significance among spiritual seekers because of their association with Lord Shiva from ancient times. As described in the Shiva Purana, Rudraksha tree was formed by the teardrops of Mahadev and has great spiritual, healing, and scientific properties.

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How to get the best quality Rudraksha?

Rudralife has established an ISO-Certified laboratory to test all these beads at the time of purchase or sale. We conduct x-ray studies and several other tests to ensure not only that the beads are pure and authentic but to make sure that these are having inner power and hence efficacy.

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