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Which precautions should I take while wearing Rudraksha?

Rudraksha beads
Which precautions should I take while wearing Rudraksha?


Rudraksha are seeds known to have originated from the tears of Lord Shiva, therefore Rudra means Shiva and Aksha means tears. Rudraksha beads are worn not only for meditation or spiritual purposes but also for attaining good health. The beads are believed to reduce stress and enhance physical and mental well-being. There are many myths related to Rudraksha but as per scriptures, there are no restrictions on wearing Rudraksha but certain rules need to be kept in mind. 

Rudraksha Mala

Rules for wearing Rudraksha:

• Remove your Rudraksha while visiting funeral grounds to protect the bead from negative energies. There is no restriction imposed by any of our holy scripture However, as per the tradition prevailing, all articles symbolising power or having a source of energy should be taken off the body (like gemstones, Rudraksha, yantras etc) while visiting places like a funeral ground.

• Remove the Rudraksha while engaging in sexual intercourse, during bathing to avoid dehydration and while sleeping at night for comfort purposes.

• As per scriptures, even a person who indulges in non-vegetarian food and alcohol can wear Rudraksha and benefit from it. 

The Shrimad Devi Bhagwad Mahapuran states that

खादन्मांसं पिबन्मद्यं सङ्‌गच्छन्नन्त्यजानपि ।

पातकेभ्यो विमुच्येत रुद्राक्षं शिरसि स्थिते ॥

Meaning: It purifies even those who take non-vegetarian food and imbibe intoxicants. Rudraksha absolves a person from all sins. 

Though we at Rudralife, encourage people to follow this rule as per their own beliefs and religious values. 

• It is not mentioned in any of our scriptures that women have to remove Rudraksha during menstrual periods, this is a point we encourage people to follow as per their own religious beliefs.

How to use and maintain your Rudraksha

Rudraksha bead provides you with not only spiritual support but also protects; uplifts and guides you in every phase of your life. But do you know how to use and maintain your Rudraksha beads correctly?

Using your Rudraksha Beads

Rudraksha Beads are an important medium to find peace, enlightenment and connect to the divine. When using beads in a mala for meditation purpose, the beads are used to count the number of mantras. Remember to bless Rudraksha beads properly before using them. A properly activated, energized and blessed bead helps to build a deep connection to the divine. It increases your soul power so you can gain influence and continue to connect with your life purpose. 

Rudraksha Puja
Rudraksha Puja

Blessing your Rudraksha Beads

Before wearing, Rudraksha beads need to be blessed, energized, purified and activated. Our Shastras recommend two different methods of energizing these sacred beads. Chanting the Rudrabhishek and Pranpratishtha mantras and offering the beads incense, sandalwood paste and other offerings is one way of blessing the beads. 

Rudraksha Puja
Rudraksha Puja

A common mantra to chant for all Rudraksha irrespective of the Mukhis is ‘Om Namah Shivaya’ for a minimum of 5 times or the Mahamrityunjay Mantra. A Puja should be done at regular intervals as per the Shastras. Mentioned below is a simple Puja Vidhi for energizing the beads before wearing or worshipping.

Easy Puja Vidhi

Choose an auspicious day or any Monday for blessing the beads.

Wash or Sprinkle the Rudraksha beads or mala with Gangajal or plain water.

Apply Sandalwood paste.

Offer incense or dhoop.

Offer any white flower.

Touch the Rudraksha on a Shivling or Lord Shiva’s picture and chant ‘Om Namah Shivaya’ a minimum of 11 times. 

After performing this Puja Vidhi, the Rudraksha bead is ready to be worn or put at the place of Puja. 

Rudraksha Puja
Rudraksha Puja

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Cleansing your Rudraksha Beads

Rudraksha Beads are said to guide, protect and are a constant reminder of the spirituality that is within a person and the intention that the bead serves. The beads store and absorb energy. Therefore, it is imperative to always clean this divine, mystical bead regularly. 

When Rudraksha beads are used constantly, the need to clean them from time to time is essential. It is recommended by Rudralife, to not share or lend the beads to others.

There are different ways to clean the beads. Rudralife recommends this simple method of cleaning the beads at home.

Rudraksha are strong beads and have a life span of hundreds of years and if maintained properly and can be handed over through generations. The beads should be kept clean and free from deposits of sweat and talcum powder, by washing them with plain water at regular intervals and cleaning them with a soft brush. If the beads appear to be dry then you can apply coconut, olive or any light oil to protect the beads from dehydration.

Cleansing your Rudraksha Beads
Cleansing your Rudraksha Beads

Why is it advised not to wear Rudraksha while sleeping?

There are different opinions of experts on the subject of wearing Rudraksha while sleeping. Many astrologers believe that people should not wear a rudraksha mala while sleeping, some believe it is either absolutely okay or a personal choice. Due to this people remain confused about this subject. According to some experts/astrologers, you should not wear rudraksha while doing any inauspicious work. While sleeping, you have no control over your mind, and during that time, repressed negative ideas or emotions may resurface. This can make Rudraksha impure. Another set of astrologers believes that the rudraksha can actually purify your thoughts.

Apart from this, there is another important reason why Rudraksha should not be worn while sleeping. During sleep, when one rolls over from side to side, some of the beads may rub against each other and the surface projections, and then the beads may break. Rudraksha beads have sharp edges. So, they can also injure your skin when you’re sleeping.

wearing Rudraksha

The Conclusion

If you want to experience the positive effects of Rudraksha without having it affected by your sleep, So before sleeping you can take off the beads and keep them in a safe place, and wear them again the next morning after bath. Irrespective of whether you believe in wearing the beads while sleeping or not, it is clear that rudraksha is extremely beneficial. It can elevate your life and enhance your being. So, whether you buy rudraksha online or offline, make sure you buy it from a trusted and authentic source.

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