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What is Siddha Mala? Benefits, Energising, Fake Vs Genuine

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Introduction to Rudraksha

Rudraksha, often known as the compassionate tears of Lord Shiva, are more than just physical entities. For centuries, Hindus have integrated these beads into their beliefs, practices, and the very essence of their spirituality. The Siddhamala, which encapsulates a unique blend of various mukhi Rudraksha, is a spiritual powerhouse, offering an amalgamation of diverse energies in one ensemble.

Mention of Rudraksha in Scriptures

In our ancient scriptures, particularly the Shiva Purana, the Padma Purana, and the Skanda Purana, Rudraksha finds its sacred mention. Legends encapsulate a touching narrative where after millennia of meditation, Lord Shiva opened his eyes, shedding tears of deep compassion for humanity. These divine tears, upon gracing the earth, manifested as the Rudraksha trees. 

धारयिष्यन्ति येऽन्येऽपि गुहृयां तेषां वरप्रदा ।

नातः परतः कोऽपि न्यासो शुचिप्रदः ।।

– महाकाल-संहिता

The Mahakal Samhita states, “Any person wearing Rudraksha Mala will be adorned by Siddhis. There is nothing more purifying in this world which surpasses the power of Rudraksha.”

Brief about Rudraksha and its significance in Hindu tradition

Beyond scriptures, the Rudraksha beads have seamlessly woven themselves into the practices and traditions of Hinduism. Yogis, sages, and spiritual seekers predominantly in Southeast Asia have worn these beads as an emblem of spiritual pursuit. Their aura extends beyond spirituality, believed to possess healing and medicinal properties, benefiting both the mind and the body of the wearer.

What is Siddha Mala?

The name “Siddha Mala” has its roots in Sanskrit. “Siddha” translates to “achieved” or “proven” and “Mala” means “garland” or “string of beads.” This definition suggests that the mala, combining diverse beads, provides holistic benefits to the wearer. It guides them on their spiritual journey, assisting in their daily life challenges.

People often view Siddha Mala as a unique mala that addresses various common challenges we encounter in our daily lives. These challenges can include everyday stress, fears, obstacles, legal issues, and even family problems. This unique mala comprises a mix of different Rudraksha beads. 

The Akshamalika Upanishad describes the Siddha Mala as a garland of letters and affirms that all gods and goddesses reside in this mala. For those with aspirations and the drive to reach the pinnacle in their careers and businesses, the Siddha Mala is the ideal Rudraksha mala. Wearing or worshipping this mala channels potent divine energy from various deities and the strength of mantras. This mala not only purifies the energy centers of its possessor but also attracts positive divine energy. Consequently, it paves the way for good health, prosperity, renown, and good luck.

Components Of Sidhha Mala

Siddhamala stands out due to its intricate assembly of various mukhi Rudraksha. Here’s a breakdown of its components:

1 to 14 Mukhi Rudraksha

Each mukhi or facet of the Rudraksha bead has its unique significance, associated deity, and planetary influence. Together, these beads encompass a full spectrum of spiritual energies, enhancing the wearer’s connection to the divine.

1 Mukhi Rudraksha 

The 1 Mukhi Rudraksha enhances super consciousness. While it provides comforts to the wearer, it also ensures they remain unattached. The Sun rules this Rudraksha and it connects to the Sahasrara Padma Chakra.

2 Mukhi Rudraksha

The 2 Mukhi Rudraksha stands for unity, especially in relationships like Shiva-Parvati. It helps in strengthening all types of relationships. It’s ruled by the Moon.

3 Mukhi Rudraksha

The 3 Mukhi Rudraksha represents the Fire God. It purifies the wearer from sins and helps in overcoming fear and depression. It’s under the influence of Mars.

4 Mukhi Rudraksha

The 4 Mukhi Rudraksha represents Brahma and boosts creativity. It benefits students, artists, writers, and scholars by enhancing memory and intelligence. It’s influenced by Mercury.

5 Mukhi Rudraksha

This Rudraksha symbolizes Lord Shiva’s Kalagni Rudra form. It promotes health and peace. The wearer feels calm and is protected from untimely death. It’s ruled by Jupiter.

6 Mukhi Rudraksha

It symbolizes Lord Kartikeya and shields from emotional distress. The wearer gains understanding in relationships and love. It’s under Venus’s influence and affects emotional responses.

7 Mukhi Rudraksha

Associated with Goddess Mahalaxmi, this Rudraksha brings good health and success in business. It benefits those facing health, financial, or mental issues. 7 Mukhi Rudraksha is ruled by Saturn.

8 Mukhi Rudraksha

Representing Lord Ganesha, this Rudraksha removes obstacles and ensures success. It grants the wearer special abilities and influences. Its ruling planet is Rahu.

9 Mukhi Rudraksha

This bead is a symbol of Goddess Durga. It energizes the wearer with power and dynamism, promoting a fearless life. Its ruling planet is Ketu.

10 Mukhi Rudraksha

This Rudraksha has no specific ruling planet but negates negative planetary energies. It protects the wearer from evil and provides endless nourishment to their family. Furthermore, it can remedy Vaastu issues and counteract black magic or legal troubles.

11 Mukhi Rudraksha

Symbolizing Lord Hanuman, it grants wisdom, a love for adventure and success. It protects against accidental death and makes the wearer self-confident. It’s also beneficial for meditation and yoga, and is ruled by Mars.

12 Mukhi Rudraksha

Ruled by the planet Sun, this Rudraksha empowers the wearer with leadership and continuous progress. It’s ideal for politicians, businessmen, and leaders.

13 Mukhi Rudraksha

Associated with Lord Vishnu and sometimes Lord Indra or Kamadeva, it provides all comforts of life. It brings wealth, honor, fulfills desires, and aids in meditation. Ruled by Venus, it elevates both spiritually and materially.

14 Mukhi Rudraksha

This precious bead sharpens the sixth sense, enabling the wearer to foresee events. It guards against calamities, spirits, and black magic, ensuring safety and prosperity. It’s also a potent remedy for issues related to Saturn.

Gauri Shankar Rudraksha

This Rudraksha consists of two naturally joined beads, symbolizing the union of Shiva & Parvati. It is believed to strengthen bonds, harmonize relationships, and bring family bliss.

Ganesh Rudraksha

This Rudraksha has a trunk-like elevation resembling Lord Ganesh. This Rudraksha is believed to bring the blessings of Lord Ganesh to the wearer, helping them in overcoming challenges and obstacles in their path.

Why Siddhamala Matters in Both Spiritual and Everyday Life?

Simple Reasons to Choose Siddhamala

Balancing Life’s Ups and Downs: Life has its good days and bad days. The Siddhamala helps keep things steady. It pushes away bad vibes and brings in good ones, helping wearers feel more balanced day-to-day.

To Make Your Spiritual Connection Stronger: Everyone’s spiritual journey is unique. Adding Siddhamala can make this journey even better. Each Rudraksha in it helps connect the wearer to a peaceful and higher feeling during meditation and prayers.

Physical, Emotional & Material Accomplishments: Siddhamala doesn’t just help spiritually. Wearing it can also make you feel emotionally calm, think more clearly, and feel better physically. Furthermore, it subtly paves the way for the attainment of one’s aspirations, including those of a materialistic nature.

Benefits of Wearing Siddhamala

Tackling Everyday Problems

We all face issues like stress, worries, and family matters. Here, Siddhamala acts like a shield. Each bead has a purpose and together, they help reduce these common problems.

Feeling More Confident

Ancient stories, especially from the Padma and Shiva Purana, talk about how Siddhamala gives wearers more confidence. It helps clear doubts and makes decisions easier. 

Bringing Good Luck and Happiness

Siddhamala has a special touch. With every bead, wearers can hope for good luck and happiness in their family. Being blessed by all the deities and 9 planets, it’s like having many sources of positive energy.

Trusting Your Gut Feeling More

Sometimes, we need to trust our gut feeling. The 14 mukhi Rudraksha in Siddhamala helps with this. It makes this feeling stronger, so wearers can trust their intuition and understand situations & people more easily.

Keeping the Family Safe

The good vibes from Siddhamala don’t just stay with the wearer. They spread out, covering the whole family, making sure they’re safe and feel good.

How Siddhamala Helps Balance Your Chakras

Understanding Chakras Simply

Imagine our body as a big battery. Just like batteries have positive and negative sides, our bodies have energy points called chakras. When these points work well, we feel great. When they don’t, we feel out of sync. Siddhamala is a catalyst that helps these points stay balanced and working well.

Link Between Siddhamala and Chakras

Root Chakra

The base chakra connects us to the earth and makes us feel grounded. Siddhamala helps strengthen this connection, making us feel more stable in life.

Sacral Chakra

This chakra is about our feelings and relationships. With the help of Siddhamala, we can better understand our emotions and connect with people around us.

Solar Plexus Chakra

Our confidence and willpower come from this chakra. Siddhamala boosts this energy, making us feel more confident and ready to take on challenges.

Heart Chakra

Love, kindness, and compassion flow from the heart chakra. Siddhamala ensures these feelings are pure and strong, letting love lead the way in our lives.

Throat Chakra

Communication is key, and the throat chakra handles it. Siddhamala aids in clear speaking and listening, improving our conversations with others.

Third Eye Chakra

This chakra gives us insight and intuition. The beads in Siddhamala sharpen these senses, helping us see things more clearly.

Crown Chakra

The top chakra connects us to the bigger universe. Siddhamala strengthens this bond, making our spiritual journey deeper and more meaningful.

A Journey to a Better Self

When all these chakras work well together, life feels better. Siddhamala, with its mix of powerful beads, ensures these energy points stay balanced. Whether you’re meditating, praying, or just going about your day, Siddhamala keeps your chakras aligned.

Worshiping and Energising Siddha Mala

In Shiva Puran, Lord Shiva says that one who wears all the beads (from one to 14 mukhis) becomes full of Shaivatva. A siddha mala should preferably be worn or it should be kept at the place of worship at the feet of Lord Shiva’s statue or near the Shivaling. The mala can be worn by the worshiper during his/her meditation and as long as required and then should be kept back again at the place of worship. It is a very precious possession a family can have and should be regularly energized using the ritual of abhishek or by chanting of mantras dedicated to Lord Shiva or using the seed mantras and following the shastric worshiping procedure.

Why Energize Your Siddha Mala?

Rudraksha beads in the Siddhamala need energization before they’re worn. This step ensures they work at their highest capability and resonate with the wearer’s energy.

Basic Ritual for Energizing Siddha Mala

  • Opt for an auspicious day or simply a Monday for the energizing process.
  • Begin by washing or sprinkling the Siddhamala with Gangajal or pure water.
  • Apply a gentle coat of sandalwood paste to the beads.
  • Light an incense stick and let its smoke surround the Siddhamala.
  • Place a white flower next to or on the Siddhamala.
  • Touch a Shiv Ling or a photo of Lord Shiva with the Siddhamala and chant “Om Namah Shivaya” at least 11 times. After this, the Siddhamala can be worn or stored at your puja place.

Click here for a detailed Puja Vidhi to energize your Rudraksha.

Differentiating Genuine Rudraksha from Fake 

Rudraksha beads form an integral part of the Siddha Mala. However, as with all things valuable and spiritual, there is a hidden world of counterfeits. This article aims to shed light on this and guide seekers on their path.

The Growing Demand Of Nepal Rudraksha

As the demand for genuine Rudraksha beads surges, especially the ones from Nepal, there’s an inevitable challenge. The genuine supply is limited. This gap between demand and genuine supply has, unfortunately, given rise to a market of imitations.

Fake Rudraksha in the Market

It’s a disheartening truth, but the spiritual market is not immune to deception. With Rudraksha symbolizing spirituality and devotion, many sellers have exploited the uninformed:

Deceptive Mukhis: Some sellers carve additional lines on beads to pose them as higher mukhi variants.

Imitation: Forms like Ganesh or Trijuti are rare. But, some sellers glue parts of other beads to mimic these.

Artificial Carvings: Sacred symbols like “OM” are sometimes artificially engraved to lend a divine aura.

Misleading Measures of Authenticity

Many sellers offer ‘Gol Dana’ certificates, especially for the sought-after 1 Mukhi Rudraksha. Often, these are mere replicas made of wood or plastic. While several tests like the coin or float are popularly suggested, only an X-ray genuinely confirms a bead’s authenticity.

In your spiritual quest, let knowledge be your guiding light. Recognize genuine from fake, and always value authenticity. With Siddha Mala from Rudralife, rest assured, you’re always treading the genuine path.

If you have doubts about your Rudraksha, get it tested at RRTL, the Rudraksha Research and Testing Laboratory. Contact 8828007299.

Why Choose Siddha Mala from Rudralife?

Trademark of Quality

Siddha Mala is a registered trademark of Rudralife.

With this trademark, Rudralife assures you that every Siddhamala is made according to stringent standards, using only the finest, best quality and genuine Rudraksha.

The registration of the Siddhamala trademark signifies Rudralife’s commitment to excellence and its dedication to preserving the sanctity of the Rudraksha. This ensures that when you choose Siddhamala, you are investing in a lineage of purity and power that has been recognized and protected under trademark laws.

For the Achievers

Siddhamala is tailored for those who aim high and seek success. It aids in fulfilling the four primary goals of human life: Dharma (duty), Artha (prosperity), Kama (desire), and Moksha (liberation).

Choose As Per Your Preference

1. Siddhamala Large

The foundational variant, suitable for those starting their journey with Rudraksha.

2. Siddhamala Collector

A step above the Large variant, in Siddhamala Collector, the beads are slightly larger in size, offering a distinctive presence.

3. Siddhamala Super Collector

The premium offering, these beads are about 2-3mm bigger than the Collector beads, making them the most prominent in our range.

Created with Authentic Rudraksha

We use 2 to 14 mukhi beads from Nepal, renowned for their effectiveness. Original One Mukhi round from Nepal is extremely rare and almost impossible to get. That’s why our Siddha Mala has South India One Mukhi Rudraksha which is Half-moon shape also known as Kaju Dana.

Customization with Elegance

We string each bead in a precise sequence, aligning them head to head and tail to tail, as directed by our ancient scriptures and puranas to attain mantra siddha. Depending on personal preferences and traditions, you can choose materials such as gold capping or wool to string this mala. Plus, all variants feature the One Mukhi Rudraksha with a luxurious gold capping.

Strategically Arranged

Our design ensures that all odd-numbered beads are on one side and even-numbered on the other, facilitating balance and symmetry. It is strung with wool, and woolen spacers are placed between the beads to protect them as well as to provide an Asana or seat to all the Rudraksha. Wool makes the mala stronger, more flexible and light-weight. It may be worn or carried in a pouch or placed at the altar.

Lifetime Maintenance and Future Customizations

With Rudralife, your Siddhamala is a lifelong companion. We offer free maintenance for a lifetime. If you ever decide to add more beads, we will recreate the entire mala for you, ensuring the essence and arrangement remain intact.

By choosing Siddhamala from Rudralife, you’re not just purchasing a mala; you’re investing in a legacy of quality, authenticity, and dedication to spiritual growth.

Configuration of The Siddha Mala by Rudralife

The precise arrangement of the Rudraksha is as follows:

2 Mukhi x 3

3 Mukhi x 3

4 Mukhi x 3

5 Mukhi x 3

6 Mukhi x 3

7 Mukhi x 3

8 to 14 Mukhi – 1 each

1 Mukhi (halfmoon) – 1

Gaurishankar – 1

Ganesh – 1

Total = 28 beads

Testimonials & Experiences Of Our Customers

In the world of spirituality and Rudraksha, personal experiences often speak louder than words. Here, we share some heartfelt testimonials and experiences from those who have embarked on their spiritual journey with Siddha Mala from Rudralife.

“I am wearing Siddhamala for last few months. I have felt an internal power, with which I am able to win over situations in the way I want to. There is a tremendous effects on peace of mind & the powers of nature have tilted in my favour. “

– Mr. Pankaj Srivastav

“Tanayji’s Rudraksha collection stands out in its rarity and quality. Having worn Siddhamala for the past year, my experiences have been nothing short of astonishing. May the divine continue to bless Tanayji and the entire Rudralife team.”

– Mr. Biren P Thaker

Hear Mr. Somendra Mohanty share his enriching journey with Siddhamala. His words resonate with sincerity and the profound impact of Rudraksha in his life.

The iconic Mrs. Dimple Kapadia graced Rudralife with her visit. We were honored to assist her in her journey with Rudraksha, culminating in her acquisition of a Siddha Mala.

The ever-inspirational Mr. Milind Soman visited Rudralife and chose to align his energies with the powerful Siddha Mala. We are thrilled to have been a part of his spiritual journey.

The testimonies of these iconic individuals, along with countless others, reinforce the profound impact and authenticity of Siddha Mala from Rudralife. As you continue on your spiritual journey, let their experiences guide and inspire you.


The journey with Rudraksha, especially with Siddha Mala from Rudralife, is one of profound spiritual significance and transformation. From understanding the importance of energizing the Rudraksha to being cautious about fake rudraksha in the market, we’ve covered a lot of ground. The testimonials and experiences section provided further evidence of the transformative power of Siddha Mala, as shared by individuals from various walks of life.

Choosing Siddha Mala from Rudralife is not just a purchase; it’s a commitment to one’s spiritual evolution. It’s about aligning with energies, achieving balance, and moving confidently on the path of Dharma, Artha, Kama, and Moksha.

As we conclude this exploration, we’d like to remind our readers that spiritual journeys are deeply personal, but the right tools and guidance can make all the difference. And in the world of Rudraksha, Siddha Mala from Rudralife promises to be that guiding light, leading you towards spiritual enlightenment and well-being.

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